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Zocor Benefits

Zocor has great results in treating high triglycerides and cholesterol, heart diseases or diseases of the blood vessels. Zocor was created to fight against cholesterol and triglycerides and to decrease their total level. Zocor is also successfully used to decrease the chances of people that suffer of diabetes, coronary heart and peripheral vascular diseases to develop severe heart diseases.

Possible Side Effects Of Zocor: As it always happens when it is about drugs, there can be side effects but nor everybody who is taking the drug has problems. It proved that Zocor is generally tolerated very well. The side effects that accidentally occur are minor, they can be treated very easy, or they don't require treatment at all. The studies have shown that only 14% of the patients renounced at Zocor btc because of some side effects. If during the treatment Zocor you suffer from unexplained tenderness, pain muscles, weakness combined with fever, or you feel sickness you must contact your doctor immediately. The most common side effects include: abdominal pain, headache, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, asthenia, myalgia upper respiratory infections. Fortunately only 1% of the patients have reported these side effects. buy Tadalafil online no prescription

High Cholesterol Cases: Zocor Dosage: People that suffer from high cholesterol are recommended to start with a dose of 20mg to 40mg Zocor daily. They must take it at night. Persons over 65 years old that suffer from grave kidney disease or take other medications are recommended to start with a lower dosage. Buy Zocor btc interact the dosage required must be lower, including: Amiodarone, Ranolazine, Amlodipine, Diltiazem and Verapamil. After a few weeks of treatment with Zocor, you must check your cholesterol level again. If your cholesterol level didn't decrease during this period your doctor will increase your dosage. The dosage can also be decreased if some side effects appear. Because there is the risk of apparition of grave muscle problems when Zocor is taken in higher dosage, the maximum dose of Zocor recommended is of 40mg every day. However, there are also persons that took 80mg of this medicine daily for one year and had no muscle's problems.

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When You Must Not Take Zocor: The persons that take Zocor must pay attention to the following: Persons that suffer from liver disease must not take Zocor without their doctor prescription. More on, this drug is forbidden for the persons that suffer from chronic muscular diseases, kidney diseases, or blood disorder. Your liver can be damaged if you take Zocor and drink alcohol during the treatment. This medicine can't be taken during the pregnancy, or if you are planning pregnancy. If you are already pregnant stop taking buy Zocor bitcoin and consult your doctor immediately. It is also risky t take this medicine during breastfeeding. If you confront with unusual and severe muscle pain, skin or eyes discoloration, tenderness accompanied by fever or flue symptoms you have to consult your doctor immediately..

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Zocor Interactions: If other drugs interact with Zocor, the way in which our body usually metabolizes drugs can be changed and then some drug's levels in our blood can be altered. Cyclosporine, Verapamil and Amiodarone can provoke negative interactions. More on, you must not take Zocor bitcoin with grapefruit juice or with other grapefruit products because they can increase this drug level in blood and lead to risks of developing grave muscle's problems.

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