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Sertraline: The Best Solution For Depression Treatment

Sertraline is also useful in the treatment of obsession, social anxiety disorders and panic in both adults and children. The most advantageous aspect of Sertraline is that its efficacy in the cure of depression and other disorders is similar to that of older tricyclic depressants of its class, but its adverse effect is very minimal when compared to its counterparts. It is believed that its result is a lot of modest behavior in the users. Sertraline also alleviates symptoms of premenstrual dysphonic disorder.

Indications For Sertraline: Sertraline is indicated for the treatment of depression in elderly people above the age of 60, and in this case, it succeeds in surpassing the record of all other anti-depressants in being effective. Sertraline bitcoin surprisingly proved to be more effective in the suppression of depression more than fluoxetine and nortriptyline in the case of people above the age of 70. Sertraline is effective in the treatment of Panic, and it reduces panic attacks by up to 80%. Studies and experiments have also indicated that Sertraline is effective in the treatment of Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in both adults and children. It is of veritable use for the treatment of Social phobia and works more than other antidepressants. Premenstrual dysphonic disorder in women is another ailment that Sertraline effects the reduction of its symptoms. The cure of Posttraumatic stress disorder is another indication for Sertraline btc, and in all these cases it has proven to be more effective than all the anti depressants preceding it.

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Recommended Dosage And Administration: It is always recommended that treatment with Sertraline be started with a dosage of 25 -200 mg once daily. The specific dosage of Sertraline for the treatment of OCD, PTSD, social anxiety disorder and panic disorder is 25-50 mg once daily. For PMDD, it is always a dosage of 50-150 mg for every day within the menstrual period or most appropriately for 14 days before the menstrual circle. The administration of Sertraline at all times should be monitored and directed by appropriate medical personnel. Hence, it may be taken with or without food without posing any medical implications. buy clomid online no prescription

Drug Interactions: Sertraline should not be used in any case with monoamine oxidase inhibitors. It should not be administered at the same time with pimozide; this can result in sudden death. Combination of Sertraline with cimetidine is also not advised because of its bad effects on the body. Buy Sertraline btc as well has adverse effects if used during pregnancy. buy prednisone online no prescription

Sertraline Side Effects: The most common adverse effects of Sertraline are experienced among people who have history of past sicknesses like liver impairment. Sertraline is contraindicated in individuals taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors or antipsychotic pimozide. Buy Sertraline bitcoin contains alcohol; therefore, it is never good with elements like disulfiram (Orap). Other adverse effects of Sertraline include nausea, ejaculation failure, dizziness, dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, somnolence, etc. The use of Sertraline can also cause akathisia, which means inner tension and lack of staying still. Sexually, it causes arousal disorder and difficulty in achieving orgasm. Over dosage can also result in lethargy and ataxia.

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